Who are we ?
Anyware was founded in 1992
Company history

Anyware was founded in 1992 by Jean-Louis Le Breton, a former journalist, a writer and a programer.

Desktop publishing was the first activity. Then we started to produce cd-rom for various french companies.

In the mid nineties, with the raise of Internet we begin to create website for ou customers still continuing our desktop and multimedia activities.

In 1998, the company moved to the south west of France and tested a new organisation scheme based ont the "small office - home office" concept. All our co-workers works at home and we are permanently in touch through the net.

In 2004, Anyware launched a local magazine called Le Canard Gascon as an advertising support for many local companies. Jean-Louis Le Breton is the editor in chief of the magazine and Caroline Le Breton is the sale manager.

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